These wonderful people are folks I have either known personally or have gotten to know online. Please visit their sites and see what great talent they bring to the world.


Jolene Kay, actress, movies, television, media, Super Bowl, commercials, Grey's Anatomy,  film, Star Trek, IMDB, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, acting, guest star, Ellen Pompeo
Jolene Kay, actor of television, film, motion pictures and commercials.
"Camp 72" is an award winning documentary about a quest for justice and healing after Liberia's Civil War directed by Seema Mathur


Seema Mathur, Global Productions, documentary, Camp 72, Winner, Award, Film Festival, San Diego, San Diego Film Festival, Thin Line 2015, Human Rights, Human Rights Film Festival, Justice, Justice Film Festival, Pan African, Africa, Corpus Christi, Texas A & M, Human Rights Campaign, Director, Film maker, media, producer, production, cinemaphotography
Award winning film director Seema Mathur
BEAST: The Icelandic feature film "Beauty and the Beast" Directed by Max Gold
Max Gold, Beast, Move, Film, Filming, Kickstarter, Feature film, Icelandic, Iceland, "Beauty and the Beast", film maker, director, producer, cinemaphotography, Ed Wu, Sesha Yealun, Producers Guild of America, Askja Films, BAFTA, IMDB, Award winning, Hollywood, The Westfjörds, Reykjavik, SSN Insider's Development Pick List,  Fairy Tale, Artfilm,
Film director Max Gold
Daniel Scherl Film director, photographer, acting, directing, voiceover, headshots
Film director & photographer, Daniel Scherl
Toni Chritton Johnson, actress, IMDB, Tatterdemalion, Hollywood, film, movies, indi films, film festivals, Ozarks, veterans,

Toni Chritton Johnson

Actress whose credits include the film Tatterdemalion

Tatterdemelion, film, movies, Hollywood, indifilms, Ozarks, veterans, Ramaa Mosley, Tim Macey, director, writer, IMDB
David Mayall, Author, Author's Spotlight, Creative, imagination, writer, thriller, suspense, blog, British, United Kingdom, England, troubled past, poetic whispers
"From the negativities of a dark and troubled past combined with his twisted but creative imaginations comes David Mayall, a British writer of thriller/suspense stories!"

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Jaden Cornelious, singer, songwriter, crossover, fundraising, Mexico, London, The World, CEO, Founder, JC Fundraising, Music, entertainment
Jaden Cornelious

International Classical Crossover Singer, Songwriter

CEO/Founder JC Fundraising (