Confessions from the Pumpkin Patch

First award-winning novel

in the Soul Encounters series



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Growing up in a small Pennsylvania town, Lovella is an intelligent and rebellious child of the ‘60’s.  She adores her alcoholic and ineffectual father while despising her controlling mother and discovers in her teens that the most potent revenge she can take on her mother is through sexually acting out. When she goes away to college she meets Earl, an “ugly hippie” who takes her on a journey through life that she never dreamed she would take.  She discovers that things aren’t always what they seem and life seldom turns out the way we planned. There are mysteries surrounding her past that she struggles to understand.  In the turbulence of the late 1960’s she is forced to face fears and prejudices she never knew she had. She discovers in the end that the simple small town life she left back in Climax, Pennsylvania was not so simple at all and the true meaning of love and family is something only to be understood with maturity.

New Apple Awards, Book Awards, General Fiction, Award Winning, Writing Excellence, Best New Fiction, E-Book
"The Calling Dream"
Second novel in the Soul Encounters series
NOTE: This book is currently unavailable pending republication and cover redesign in late 2019.

Ronald Dennison matured into adulthood in the early 1950’s, the son of a backwoods country preacher from the foothills of the Ozarks in northern Arkansas. His dreams about a strange red-headed woman and Jesus began when he was about ten years old, and continued for most of his life.  His dreams told him he was called to preach just like his Daddy, but he never assumed that his calling would take him to Nashville where he would become a nationally known televangelist.  In addition to his dreams, Ronald Dennison had secrets. Some of his secrets were kept from the church and the community, and some he tried also to keep from his family, but secrets have a way of being found out.  The more famous and wealthy he became, the more he struggled with himself over his hidden sins. He lived a life of secret torment and anguish that the public never knew. Ronald Dennison had many dark secrets, some so deep and dark that he hid them even from himself.  

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I can say without hesitation that it is a good story and well-written. The characters, the dialogue, etc. ring true and clear, and portray the flavor of life and the people who live in the back country in Arkansas vividly. Well done. Karlyle Tomms has a wonderful gift of expression and the reading is easy.

Su Sherry, Author of "My Three Girls" -  Review of “The Calling Dream”


My Life, So Far, in Poetry

This is a poetry book about transition from trauma and turmoil through relationships to spirituality and the ability to laugh at one’s troubles. We have all fought through anguish, hopefully to become better citizens of life. The poetry covers my formative years growing up with abuse on a farm in the Ozarks, my adult relationships, and my transition to the shores of the coastal bend of Texas. I bear my heart and soul on these pages, but hopefully I also bear witness to the fact that there is a better way, and it is possible to overcome.