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This is a poetry book about transition from trauma and turmoil through relationships to spirituality and the ability to laugh at one’s troubles. We have all fought through anguish, hopefully to become better citizens of life. The poetry covers my formative years growing up with abuse on a farm in the Ozarks, my adult relationships, and my transition to the shores of the coastal bend of Texas. I bear my heart and soul on these pages, but hopefully I also bear witness to the fact that there is a better way, and it is possible to overcome.

Note from Karlyle:

The Gulls Are Always Laughing is in revision right now. Check back for it's new release date. 

Confessions form the Pumpkin Patch  - Karlyle Tomms - Author & Life Coach
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The Gulls Are Always Laughing



 I strongly recommend this book to anyone working with children who have emotional or behavioral problems.

This collection of poetry is thought provoking and full of expression. A must read!!


It makes for a very insightful novel offering you a glimpse into the core of the man behind this fascinating and intriguing book.

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