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Laughter In Hell

Stephen Marek

By Stephen Marek (Author), Thomas C. Nixon USMC (Narrator), E. L. Guirey USN (Narrator)

The first book written about the experiences of those captured and held as POW's in WWII. This book, LAUGHTER IN HELL, was narrated to and written by Stephen Marek, Being the True Experiences of Lieutenant E.L. Guirey, U.S.N. and Technical Sergeant T.C. Nixon, U.S.M.C., and their comrades in the Japanese Prison Camps in Zentsuji, Osaka and Tsuruga. The book was first published in May 1954 with a second printing in October, 1954 by The Caxton Printers, Ltd., Caldwell, Idaho. The book was dedicated to the Veterans of WWII who came to know the full meaning of the word "hell" in the prison camps of Japan, and especially to the "Phils" who were imprisoned with us at Umeda and Tsuruga. From the front dust cover flap: "Having just come front Tanagawa, one of the most grueling prison camps in Japan, where beatings and death from malnutrition were the rule, the prisoners were practically walking skeletons when they arrived at Umeda. For a while things looked bad. Then, knowing the risk they took if they were caught stealing, they decided that it was better to take that risk and live than not take it and starve to death. What happened after that is one of the most unique stories to come out of World War II."

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