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Stephanie was born as Stephen growing up at the Pruitt Igoe slums of St. Louis in the 1960s. The only person who loves and accepts her is her friend, Miss Mattie, an elderly woman who lives up the hall. Her heroin addicted mother breaks her dolls and screams, “You are not a fucking girl!” Yet, her mother pimps her out to a white man who abuses her and takes pictures of her being molested. She hates him so much that she swears she will kill him someday. Then, her mother is murdered and Stephanie is placed into Christian foster care and separated from everyone she ever knew. Her friend, Mike, who was her mother’s lover, is convicted of the murder and sent to life in prison. Her foster parents also try to convince her to give up the idea that she is a girl, but Stephanie knows it is not an idea. She is a girl. Later, an encounter with Pastor Ronald Dennison (The Calling Dream) results in having a Trust fund set up that allows Miss Mattie to adopt her out of foster care and provide a nice home for her. Still she is violently bullied at school. After transition surgery at eighteen, she lives fully as a woman, lives stealth, and works as a bartender. Because of her abuse, she fears men and remains a virgin until she meets and falls in love with Jordan after he earns her trust. Then, a chance encounter with the man who abused her as a child renews her hatred and her pledge to kill him.

Will she lose everything, including the man she loves to fulfill her pledge to kill the man who brutalized her as a child?

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