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I once metaphor. It was a very symbolic encounter!

20 Jan 2019

     Okay, Gillette does a commercial which chastises men for bad behavior, a shadow of the “#MeToo” movement. Some men react, “I don’t need Gillette to lecture me on masculinity.” Many men are not used to being called to task. They are used to being dominant and in co...

27 Jan 2018


Edited by  Rhiannon Rede

Cover image by Karlyle Tomms

The Calling

Copyright:  Karlyle Tomms

All rights reserved. No portion or part of this book may be reproduced, copied or transmitted in any form, electronically or by...

8 Jan 2018

I labored over whether to write this for a couple of months. I wasn’t quite sure exactly what I wanted to say, or in the final edit, that I have said everything that I needed to say. Some of the things I have said reveal more of me than even some of my closest personal...

1 Nov 2017

  Even though my father was from southern California, I was born in the butt crack of nowhere, in northern Arkansas where my mother’s family is from. I was told that my parents separated before I was born, and then when I was five years old, when my mother was killed,...

1 Nov 2017

She eloped across the county line at fourteen, lied about her age, and married a man almost twice her age.  In today’s world, he probably would have been arrested, but in 1923 it was a different world for women and children, at least slightly different.  She came back...

7 Nov 2016

On the day my father died, I found a black feather on my way back from lunch standing straight up in the grass as though it had been planted there. Having been taught by some of my metaphysically minded friends that feathers are angel signs, I picked it up and took it...

31 Jul 2016

Moments of Peace                                            Karlyle Tomms 7/30/16...

17 Jun 2016

I grew up with guns. My grandpa had rifles and shotguns hanging on the walls. They were propped on ten penny nails driven just far enough into the paneling to support the weapon, and keep it out of the reach of a small child. Every year rural schools actually let the b...

13 Apr 2016

Three words came to mind the first time I saw her –weird, strange, and goofy.  She was older than the rest of us.  She had a minimum of ten, perhaps twenty years on us, but there she stood among college students ranging in age from eighteen to twenty-one.  Her hair was...

31 Oct 2015

    The eastern Ozarks of Arkansas are not quite as grand as those to the west.  Here the Ozark Mountains begin to roll gradually into the Mississippi delta. There are still lakes and lush forests and plenty of rocks of almost every type. However, there are more flat p...

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January 9, 2015

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