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"Confessions from the Pumpkin Patch" Professional Reviews


"Confessions from the Pumpkin Patch" Professional Reviews

RE: “Confessions From The Pumpkin Patch”
by Karlyle Tomms
Book review by: Marideth Sisco


Marideth Sisco is an author, songwriter and composer whose credits include the music and an appearance in Sundance winner and 4-time Oacar nominee “Winter’s Bone;” six years of essays on regional public radio in her broadcast series, “These Ozarks Hills;” three recorded albums with her band, Blackberry Winter, and numerous other film and TV credits. More information is available at her web site.

"She is so much in your face that it is at first difficult to scope what this first novel’s heroine is up to; she is so brash and self-confident, but no, now she is spiteful, but no, indifferent. Crazed, maybe. All that, and damaged. Honest. Able. And here to tell you about it. In doing so, the author has handed us a clear and unique view of how one might have experienced directly and viscerally the major issues of the times, through her interaction with a small group of individuals with whom she is entangled but from whom she is alienated by her passion and her pain.

Throughout this rollicking romp, she is smart, and making do with what she has, which is an overabundance of wit, cunning, guile and conscience, packed into a dervish of a girl who means to get her way, get outta town and figure out what she’s doing in this world. What is she good for, and what should she be doing about it? And, by the way, what’s all the big to-do about sex, anyway? In some worlds it’s currency, in others a tool. The main thing is to make sure you are the one who says what happens, and when and to whom. Sex is useful in leading the order of play, so long as you make sure you’re the one doing the leading, and that you’re not being led. She’s a tough cookie, and she’ll need to be as she charges headlong into the changing landscape of the 1960’s in small town middle America.

This chronicle of a young girl’s coming of age and into her wisdom is a masterpiece of a character’s evolution through experience and insights into an adult, shown through both the people of the time and the circumstances that formed them; led them through war at home and overseas into a maturity they never expected to find. With a skill surpassing what one might expect from a first-book novelist, Tomms guides us through the labyrinthine twists and turns of one person traversing those changing times with a deft appreciation of personalities and a sweet degree of patience for those whom life is tossing about like a large unwieldy dryer load. Never feeling staged, it’s a tale that rings true to those of us old enough to have been witness to that ever changing landscape, in those pivotal times. For those younger ones who wonder about the events and circumstances that shaped their parents and grandparents’ world view, this is an open window. And for the rest of us, it’s a darned good read, and a remarkable telling."

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Jarod Kintz, author of E-mails From A Madman  and multiple other books writes: 


"Karlyle Tomms is my new favorite author. Well, behind God, who wrote The Bible. I also think God wrote The Notebook under the pseudonym of Nicholas Sparks, but that is neither here nor there nor in Pennsylvania, where this story takes place.

The story flows as smooth as water, and is as voluminous as Niagara Falls. Don’t try to drink it all in one gulp, lest you drown in its literary glory.

The main character’s name is Lovella, and how can you not love that? Her life struggle takes place in the 60s, a decade I don’t remember—not because I was stoned the whole time, but because I wasn’t born yet. So this period piece was a fascinating time travel experience for me.

Altogether a great read, and I highly recommend it."

 Jo Sgammato, author of Keepin’It Country, American Thunder, Dream Come True, and For The Music writes: “It is good, very engaging, well-written quite colorful. Karlyle Tomms has a talent and a way with words.”

 Su Anne Sherry, author of My Three Lost Girls writes:   "Engaging and well-written. The author with honesty and humor opens the door to reveal the life of a precocious teenage girl, who, overcoming many obstacles, embraces truth and gains the wisdom of age." 


Rhiannon Rede: Totally awesome book. Couldn't put it down.


Donna B.:  OMG I finished the book yesterday! I wanted to get to the end but then again I didn't want it to end. This book has it all, I absolutely loved it, I want more. Can't wait to share this with friends . Can't say enough about this book ,best book ever! Thank you and your fans will be waiting for your next book!!!  -- Also from an earlier post by Donna B: I would like to say a little critique on this new book called confessions of the pumpkin patch. I was blown away by the skillfulness of this first time writer. I was totally captivated by the first page. It's has been a very long time since a book drew me in as this has done. I am only one third of the way through it and each day I look so forward to coming back to the story. So proud of this new writer. I highly suggest that you get this book and enjoy the ride you will not be sorry!!!


Robert C.:   Just finished your book Karlyle Tomms...!!! Absolutely loved it...!!! What a great story and so much insight. It had me captivated from the very beginning and then it just got better. I cant wait to get my hands on your next book...!!!


Debbie B.: Yay! Absolutely loved your book. Hard to believe it was a first! When can we expect the next one?

Cindy Craig: GREAT book... I highly recommend this book to everyone - normie's or particularly to anyone from a dysfunctional, or shame based family system - anyone who ever felt they might be alone in this old world... This is definitely one of the best books I've read in months and months! The characters were well developed and reading the story was like peeking inside an All American family's soul. Another family lost in it's own secrets, lost love, missed opportunities, shame, and finally true love, respect, and finally - most importantly - acceptance. Thanks to the person who recommended I read this - it was an exceptional way to spend a rainy day!


Anonymous Kindle Customer: Thoroughly enjoyed this book. Characters are real and I can relate. Lovella's character development throughout the book is well written. Enjoyed the history lesson entwined in the story line. Life lessons and wisdom avail themselves for those ready to take notice. Looking forward to the next glimpse into the life of Lovella.

Debra C. Billings:  From the time I read the first page of this book, I was hooked. Karlyle Tomms is my new favorite author. This book was so good that I didn't want it to end. Considering I read at least 2 books a week, I can't wait for the second and third, etc., etc. This book flowed so well, was entertaining, and was just like the real things happening in life! You just have to read it, you won't be sorry!

Renee Minicozzi:  A totally engrossing story from beginning to end. This book is about real life & the people who live it. Deeply drawn characters take you their journey during a time of enormous social change to reflect their own struggles & triumphs. It is above all a book about family & love. Not always pretty, but truly connecting us all to the end. Recommend this book highly. I have already read it twice.


Jonda 24: This was a thoroughly enjoyable read. Set in the 60s, it was a good depiction of the counter culture that was going on at the time. I found it to be risqué and shocking at times, but always real, honest and raw. The characters were very well developed and I admired the main character, Lovella's almost brutal honesty. It is rare that I tell everyone I know about a book, but I did with this one: Did I tell you about the washing machine scene in Tomm's book...?

Sunshine Blaster: Very enjoyable. I look forward to more books. I wish the author would offer audio CD's.

Sheila Falwell:  Really enjoyed this! Great story telling and writing skill. I hope there is more to come!

The Calling Dream

Revised version released soon! 
Watch my social media pages for updates.



I can say without hesitation that it is a good story and well-written. The characters, the dialogue, etc. ring true and clear, and portray the flavor of life and the people who live in the back country in Arkansas vividly. Well done. Karlyle Tomms has a wonderful gift of expression and the reading is easy.

Su Sherry, Author of "My Three Girls" -  Review of “The Calling Dream”

Review by author and screenwriter, J.D. Covert

Karlyle Tomms understands survivors of childhood trauma. The characters are authentic and the situations real. He doesn’t hold back.

The Calling Dream

Review by author, Jarod Kintz


Karlyle Tomms writes the way Dostoevsky. Would have written, if that bearded Russian were raised in The Ozarks. By that I mean Karlyle writes with a sensitivity few writers are able to achieve. It is this empathetic awareness that allows him to get descriptive with the scenery and the characters. Karlyle provides insights into life that can only be achieved through subtly observing tiny nuances in human behavior. Through his flowery detail, Karlyle is able to bring 2D characters into the fully round world of your mind as your read his story. Vivid and lucid are two words I’d use to describe Karlyle’s writing style, and together they form joyous literature. Just a random sample shows what I mean:


"Her appearance was always perfect with permed hair and classic women’s business attire. Her one vice, I suppose, was her glasses. You never knew what style she might wear, and she had to spend a considerable amount of her income collecting multiple different frames. Each day, she would wear a different pair plopped over her tiny pointed nose and must have owned fifteen or twenty pairs, at least. I suppose, if her prescription changed, she just had the lenses changed on her existing frames. On that particular day, she wore a pair of lime-green cat eyes with a faux-pearl embedded in the outer tip on either side. She had an eyeglass chain made of tiny white faux pearls. That’s the other thing. She probably had a larger variety of eyeglass chains than she had glasses.”


Lime-green cat eyes? Now THAT is my kind of character! The reader doesn’t need as many glasses as Clara Smith to see that Karlyle is a writer on top of his craft, and if you enjoy colorful characters and settings, you’ll really appreciate this book.

Comments from fans about The Calling Dream

Sylvia: A compelling read I sometimes couldn’t put down. This author weaves fantasy and reality in a very believable way. His description of racism/discrimination took on a point of view I’d never considered before. This work is well-researched and well written. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in discovering what takes place in the mind of someone striving to live his truth, only to discover truth lies elsewhere.  

Anonymous customer: This book is well written , and very understandable. The author knows how to make it relatable to everyone... I give this book a A+ rating.... I do recommend this book.....  

The Gulls are Always Laughing
Follow my social media pages for updates on the revised version coming in the next few months.

Review by K. K. Burks @ K.K.'s Literary Lounge:  "The Gulls Are Always Laughing  by Karlyle  Tomms  is thought - provoking and full of expression. I enjoyed this collection of poetry because  my senses were spark."  


 Goodreads review by: Amy Leigh Ridsdale: "Mr. Karlyle Tomms is quite the author, embodying all that he is, and producing a book of poetry/biography of deep-rooted events from his life.... pouring out every little bit of his heart and soul. This book is upfront, honest, raw but most of all eye opening into what has been the life of Mr. Karlyle Tomms, and adult relationships that have been impacted. It makes for a very insightful read offering you a glimpse into the core of the man behind this fascinating and intriguing book.  5 stars."


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